Amitabha Ceremony

April 4, 1PM

Michael Cooper

Canada Federal Government Member of Parliament

2021 Chinese New Year Greeting to Chin Yin Buddhist Society 




供奉大威德金剛和黑財神的贊助者,金卡上榜將從 2021年1月至 2023 年7月份,並且登記名單也將免費報入每年護法金剛護摩火供法會, 祈福護佑,出入平安,小人遠離, 財源廣進。每位或是合家贊助者可以領取報稅收據。感谢大家協助淨音雷藏寺運作廣度眾生, 功德無量.
Temple donation for offering of Yamantaka and Black Jambala cards will be posted up on boards from Jan 1/2020 to July/ 2023 with annual registration on Summer Vajra Protectors Homa ceremony for 3 years free. Your registration forms will be filed for the annual ceremony for protection, away from enemies, peaceful travelling and acquire wealths. All donation funds will receive tax receipts. Your support CYT for the spreading of dharma will accumulate with boundless of merit.

We use healthy chemical free incense

In order to ensure the health of our disciples, temple uses chemical-free incense, which are 100% natural, and do not add any flavours, gypsum, combustion aids, etc. The incense have also passed natural health certifications such as professional laboratories and the Malaysian Forest Research Agency.


Lakawood Incense

Avalokiteshvara Blessing Ceremony


February 14: 1PM

2021 新春祈福燈在此報名

2021 安太歲在此報名

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祈請蓮生活佛加持文 嗡阿吽。敬以清淨身口意。供養毘盧遮那尊。法身佛眼佛母聖。報身蓮花童子身。應身教主蓮生佛。三身無別大佛恩。恭敬真佛大傳承。具足神通瀰六合。放光遍照於三際。一如無間能現證。佛子時時常哀請。光明注照福慧增。昔日釋迦來授記。阿彌陀佛殷付託。彌勒菩薩戴紅冠。蓮華大士授密法。祈請不捨弘誓願。救度我等諸眾生。如是護念而攝受。祈請加持速成就。南無毘盧遮那佛。南無佛眼佛母。南無蓮花童子。南無蓮生活佛。南無真佛海會十方三世諸佛菩薩摩訶薩。※這篇短短的祈請文,不可小視,若能在修法前持誦一篇,功德深如海,法力高如須彌山。這祈請文,若能每日持誦,亦能顯現不可思議之力。其功德力如下:一、佛現金身。二、光明遍照。三、亡者升天。四、疾病消除。五、苦厄解脫。六、業障減免。七、福分增長。八、智慧具足。九、所求如願。十、速得成就。(這祈請文,是很重要的口訣) 昔日。蓮生活佛盧勝彥于乙酉年五月十八日午時,降生人間。於二十六歲時,蒙瑤池金母開啟天眼。親見:瑤池金母。阿彌陀佛。地藏菩薩。各賜一句:「一心學佛。一心學法。一心向善。」帝釋天主賜「忠義」二字。而後被指引親見前身「蓮花童子」。於是禮拜高僧大德,學習佛法,顯密二教均得大成就。創真佛宗,樹立法幢。得成就後,神通示現,方便自在,起死回生,呼風喚雨,治病驅魔,分身無數,上天入地,為天人師。法幢所至,法雨普施,眾生得度者,五百萬眾或更多。建立雷藏寺七十多座,行蹤遍及全世界,五大洲。萬眾灌頂,演說密法,救度眾生無數,盛況空前。(前列〈祈請文〉,只須每日一誦,便感應連連,故是重要口訣)

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The Buddha’s view on Karma and rebirth

The first teaching on the Four Noble truths has its reason for disciples to understand the reality of all phenomenons as a start for cultivation. The reality of the nature connects us as an inter-relating of suffering and itscause. The Buddha emphasizes that the external phenomenon defilements affects our mental and physical state of greed, hatred, and delusion which give rise to the suffering in our daily living. These sufferings arise from the attachment and clinging and grasping in delusion. The Buddha then gives the truth of the nature of its cessation and the truth of the nature of the path leading to its cessation with the cultivation of eightfold path to purify our body, speech and mind in wholesome deeds for the liberation from suffering.           According to the Buddha, the suffering of our mental and physical upon ourselves. For this reason, the Buddha teaches on Karma. This word Karma is a Sanskrit term and even existed before Buddha’s time in ancient India. Buddha defined it as ‘action’ and one requires responsible of one’s action. According to Anguttaa Nikaya 6.63 in Harvey (1990p.39) translated thequote as ‘ It is will (cetana), O monks, that I

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The first wheel of dharma – FOUR NOBLE TRUTH

From the Kalama Sutra, the Buddha advised the Kalamas that one should not mistake belief for the knowledge, not to take any uncertain and in doubt of teachings but instead one should put the teaching into practice and the experiential testing-out with the importance of self-reliance to find the clarity of mind and wisdom which bring the happiness are to be engaged in. The Buddha emphasized that his teachings had a practical purpose to reduce one’s greed, hatred and delusion and find it’s fruitful to bring non-greed to generosity, non-hatred to loving kindness, compassion, and non-delusion to the clarity of mind. Then this would increase the trust and confidence to the power of the teaching and developed a much-deepened faith with Buddha. According to Snelling (1991 p.42) stated that Buddhism is not a fundamentalist religion. Its teachings are not dogmas or articles of faith that have to be blindly accepted at the cost of suspending reason, critical judgment. In fact, the basic aim is to help us gain direct insight into the truth for ourselves. He continued to state that Buddhism does not take its starting-point on grand metaphysical questions like: Who made the world? What is the meaning of

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