Aug蓮華生大士ust 5 @ 7:30PM




According to Buddhist four Tibetan Vajrayana traditions, they regard Padmasambhava as the first Tantra Master to introduce Buddhist Vajrayana to Tibet from India.  People called him “Guru Rinpoche”. Guru is the teacher of the deity. Guru Padmasambhava used his supernatural power to subdue all the ghosts and gods of the vicious sects, converted them to today’s esoteric protectors. Therefore, the four major Tibetan traditions highly respect him as the transformation of the three deities of subjugation: Amitabha Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Shakyamuni Buddha which is the vajra personification of the body, speech, and mind to help spread Buddhism in Tibet. Guru PadmaSambhava is also one of the eight deities of the True Buddhist School. Padmasambhava personally told his disciples that on the tenth day of each month practicing the Dharma and make offerings to him, he would come and bless everyone. He is the rainbow and long life entity on earth.