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Who is Buddha?

A prince was born in the fifth century B.C.E. in Lumbini, Nepal which situated at the border of Nepal and India. His name was Siddartha Gotama. His mother died a week after giving birth and his mother’s sister who was…

Covid-19, The Mind and Dharma

Firstly, I would like to pay homage to Root Guru Grand Master Lu, Si-Mu, Lineage Masters and the Triple Gem – Amitabha! Good Day, Masters, Lamas, Dharma Instructors, Dharma Brothers and Dharma Sisters.  Happy New Year!  I wish 2021 will…

Conditioned Arising and the Four Noble Truths

Developing an academic understanding of Conditioned Arising necessarily also involves developing an academic understanding of the Four Noble Truths or what Peter Harvey has translated as the four True Realities for the Spiritually Ennobled (Harvey, 2013, pp. 50-52). While the…

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