Celebration of Grand Master

Date Jun 16
Celebration of Grand Master birthday with chanting of True Buddha Sutra.
A birthday cake was offered during the group chanting.

Wesak celebration

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Stupas Garden

Chin Yin Buddhist Temple fund raising of Quan Yin Pagoda with Usnisavijaya Stupa and Great Dharani Stupa in the garden. We would like to invite everyone to join us to build these stupas to accumulate your boundless merits to speed up your path to enlightenment.

According to the Sutra of Usnisavijaya,  this stupa provides three great merits: elimination of karma, keeping one away from hell realm,  enhencing prosperity and longivity. Anyone who contacts the dust of Usnisavijaya stupa or is under its shadow will receive blessings from it.  Thus one will not take rebirth and suffer in the hell realm, hungry ghost realm, and animal realm and will receive Buddha blessings.

The Buddha said that when Quan Yin Bodhisattva chanted the Great Dharani Sutra, he vowed that “Any sentient being who chants this Dharani Sutra, if he descends to the three lower realms or unable to be reborn in the Buddha Lands, I will not attain enlightenment.”  Therefore chanting the Great Dharani Sutra, it helps eliminating karmas and enables one to take rebirth in the Buddha’s Pure land.

Donation of more than C$500.00 will receive one of the following items as gift:

  1. Root Guru Statue
  2. Smoke Offering Pagoda
  3. Sumeru incense seal
  4. One set of five Dorjes
  5. One set of six Double-Dorjes

Donation of more than C$1000.00 will receive one of the following items as gift:

  1. Sun-Moon Statue
  2. Parasol vase
  3. One set of five Dorjes with stands
  4. One set of six Double-Dorjes with stands.

The use of Double-Dorje

1. Place Double-Dorje at the four corners of the house as the protection to drive away evil spirit, demons, illness and charms.

2. Double-Dorje is the combination of the compassion of Quan Yin Bodhisattva, the wisdom of Manjursi Bodhisattva and the power and strength of Vajarsattva.

According to Eastern Vajaryana tradition monks, they visualize Vajarsattva to enter into the centre of Double-Dorje and chant the mantra of “Om Benza Satow Ah Hum Pad’. At the same time they use the Double-Dorje to rub at the back of sick person. This is to help the sick person in good health. Vajarsattva represents unbreakable strength.

淨音雷藏寺將興建觀世音菩薩尊勝塔大悲塔院. 希望大家一起來建塔累計無量功德, 速成佛道.



佛說大慈大悲觀世音菩薩誦大悲心陀羅尼咒時曾經發願 “若諸眾生誦持大悲神咒。墮三惡道者。若不生諸佛國者。我誓不成正覺”. 因此大悲咒也即可幫助道眾生消除罪業往生佛土。

  • 根本傳承上師金身
  • 煙供塔
  • 須彌香印
  • 一套五個十字色杵
  • 一套六個五色杵


1. 「十字金剛杵」放在房屋的四角做結界,可都以去除降頭病魔和一切的障礙。
2. 「十字金剛杵」是代表觀世音菩薩是慈悲,文殊師利菩薩是智慧,金剛薩埵是法力。這就是代表力、悲和慧三合一。



  • 日月輪
  • 傘蓋塔
  • 一套站立五個五色杵及連座
  • 一套站立六個十字色杵及連座

Please donate freely to this project of building Quan Yin Pagoda and two stupas to accumulate your good merit.

Bank Information銀行名字: TD Canada Trust
Bank address銀行地址:
13711 – 93 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5E 5V6, Canada
Branch Transit Number: 0226
Institution Number: 004
Bank Swift code: TDOMCATTTOR
TD ABA Number: 026009593

Account name 存款戶口名字:
True Buddha School-Chin Yin Buddhist Society .
Acount Number 存款戶口號碼: 7750-5001524
Address 地址: 12688-148 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta,
T5X 6C8 Canada

We would like to thank you for your support and may you dedicate this merit to yourself and family, and to Root Guru for longevity and forever turning the dharma wheel.

感謝大眾同們的支持協助, 以此功德迴向自己及家人,也迴向根本上師,祈願常壽自在,常轉法輪.


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