One of Buddhists’ primary principles is that there should be no agenda other than to help someone.

Dharma Talks

Dharma talks given by Master Lian Zhi and Master Lian Mi. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha’s teachings. The purpose is to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom.


We are one of the biggest Buddhist community in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. We provide services to the public help to understnad more about Buddhism.


Our mission will be to unite the Buddhist of the world under one umbrella. We would like to extend our co-operation for the Buddhist in the field of education, religion, and in the field of management.

Merit Dedication

Our monthly Kristigarbha Sutra chanting dedication of merit for blessing good health or to the deceased for salvation could be requested upon your application of dedication.  Please join our forum below or call to temple 780-423-0447 with the dedication names.  We appreciate your kindly donations for the chanting services at your wish with appreciation.  Thank you.

淨音雷藏寺在每個月誦地藏本願功德經作為迴向給祈求消災祈福超度功德者.  歡迎善信大眾隨意供養報名主持祈福或是為往者做迴向.

請加入以下论坛或是致電本寺 780-423-0447 並註名迥向者名字.


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